Ukraine Crisis Appeal

The first appeal raised £10208.67, a fantastic effort on the part of all concerned. It was raised through several initiatives: 

  • Match-funding of £2500 from the club.
  • Online appeal. 
  • Supermarket collections. 
  • Street collections. 
  • Ridgewood School contribution. 
  • Individual donations.

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The Emerging picture in Ukraine

More than $100,000 in grant funding has already been awarded to Lions serving in Poland, Hungary, Romania, Austria, and the Slovak Republic to help support Ukrainian refugees who have crossed their borders. Lions in Ukraine have also received LCIF grants to address the critical needs of people who remain in the country. Funds will be used by Lions to purchase medicine and medical equipment, as well as other basic necessities such as food and water, clothing, and other supplies. Additional grants will be awarded to help meet the ongoing needs of this crisis.

These LCIF grants are empowering our members to help families who have fled their homes find safety and security during this immensely challenging time.

Why Donate via Lions? 

The 47,000 Lions clubs worldwide contribute to ‘Lions Clubs International Foundation’ (LCIF) which in turn makes grants to Lions clubs around the world to help in a range of humanitarian causes.

Lions clubs in Poland and Romania have received emergency grants from LCIF but more is urgently needed to provide emergency kits to refugees through local Lion teams established to manage the projects.  LCIF expects to continue responding to immediate relief needs as additional grant requests come through, including from other surrounding countries. 

The priority of Lions in scenarios like this is to ensure that resources are used well, in accordance with the needs of our Lions on the ground.  Your local Lions here are requesting donations now for refugees caught up in this conflict and we expect to do so for quite some time.  War is very different from a natural disaster.  Situations and needs can evolve daily, and people can be left vulnerable for quite some time.  Our sister clubs in Poland, Slovakia and even in Ukraine are working around the clock supporting people caught up in this war.  That is why we need your help.

Direct Action

There is currently an effort through LCIF’s International Committee in Europe to unify resources and efforts in a single direction.  LCIF has experience stewarding resources because of the global experience of our programs team.  We are connected to the disaster through the Lions and our project committee providing assistance.  Through this structure, we try to make sure that:

  • Lion donations are not used to duplicate efforts of NGOs or Governments
  • Donations are spent responsibly and transparently, in accordance with verified needs
  • Vulnerable populations are served
  • Our community-based structure is well placed to identify gaps in service because of their connection to the areas affected and people involved.  

Managing the Resources

Directing donations to LCIF allows the foundation to provide support by helping to evaluate project proposals, and gives Lions serving in this disaster the space to do the work in their communities.  It can be distracting for our implementing Lions to be contacted by multiple people with great intentions, and who are motivated to help, but whose efforts are not coordinated.  Complications in situations like this we have seen in the past include:

  • Delivery of goods that are not in short supply or that are not useful in a specific country for a specific disaster.
  • The need to manage the logistics of large quantities of uncoordinated goods sent by multiple people from around the world.
  • Unaffected people rush to the disaster area to help, but without the ability to take care of themselves once they arrive: places to stay, access to food, etc.


It can sometimes be a challenge to manage the anxiety of donors who are motivated to give because they want to feel empowered by their generosity during a disaster.  Some donations received for this cause will not be used right away, they will be distributed for use as projects are submitted and approved.  But having those donations helps LCIF understand the scope of what is possible for projects.  This is a long-term crisis.  The great need will continue for quite some time, and LCIF will be here to support our community of Lions in need as long as they are able to identify needs and develop meaningful projects.