What to do with your old spectacles

We can do great things with your old spectacles, damaged or not, with or without cases. All you need to do is drop them off at any of the following places:

How it all began in the UK

Chichester Lions Club began collecting old glasses for recycling back in 1967. The initiative took off in 1980 and gradually other Lions Clubs started feeding their recycled spectacles through Chichester. So in 1985, a link was established with Le Havre Lions and Medico France. Over the following five years some 100,000 specs, 43,000 lenses, and 10,000 frames were sent to Medico France.

In 1988, another outlet was established through Vision Aid Overseas, and in 1990, a national campaign with Boots the Chemist and Help The Aged produced 460,000 pairs of specs in six months. Once sorted they went to places such as Cameroon, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Sri Lanka, India, Zanzibar, Jamaica, Bolivia, and Brazil.

Every year over 300,000 pairs of spectacles are sent to Medico France. Indeed, donations by UK Lions Clubs, recycled through Chichester, account for more than half of the total number of spectacles processed by Medico France.

Since 1990, SightFirst has played a major role in helping restore, improve and preserve the vision of millions around the world.

  • More than £277 million approved for over 1,398 projects in 117 countries
  • 9.6 million cataract surgeries were performed to restore sight
  • 1,351 eye centers and training institutions built, expanded or equipped
  • 2.3 million professional eye care and community health workers trained
  • 197 million doses of Zithromax® distributed to control trachoma and more than 955,000 trachoma surgeries performed
  • 325.8 million doses of Mectizan® distributed to halt the progression of onchocerciasis