"It's rough road that leads to the heights of achievement
 but if you don’t know where you are going any road will do”

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Serenity Appeal Leaflet​

Print A4 Portrait centred

Ukraine Appeal Poster   ukraine-appeal-poster-0.pdf
Fireworks Extravaganza   fireworks-poster-2022.pdf
Rossington Classic Manual Entry Form   classic-car-rossington-manual-entry-form.jpg
Events Checklists

This is a list of equipment and volunteer positions required to carry out events

Rossington Classic Car Poster A4

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Harworth Classic Car Show Poster A4

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Today Magazine May 2022   may-2022-5.pdf
Joining/About Lions A4 double sided leaflet

Print A4 portrait centred (front & back)

Show Invite A6

Print A4 landscape and cut along the line ( 2off Show - 2off Autojumble)

Platinum Race Race Night   plat-race-cover.pdf
Today Magazine June   june-2022-v-vc2-0.pdf

Here's an area where Club/Public members can watch videos and download documents to print or share on social media. Please use the information and spread the word to "Embrace Change" 

Gudrun Yngvadottir discusses the need to shift focus away from
just recruiting to improve the membership experience.
Lions Clubs International talks about getting more women
involved in Lions. Currently, only 20 percent of Lions are
women. She'd like to increase that to 50 percent.
Division Manager Mindy Marks of Lions Clubs International walks
through all the new board-approved initiatives for Lions clubs
and their members.
Learning is part of the human experience. It empowers us to
improve our thinking, our feeling, our communication, and our
service. When Lions put learning into action, leadership happens.

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