Needy donations made to local charities

Needy donations made to local charities

FOODTRAIN (Elaine Spencer) 07771 672561 Providing over 50 packs of food per week, which makes 4/5 substantial meals.

ROSSINGTON GOOD NEIGHBOURS (Zoe Attridge-Chambers) 07561 677784 We run on a small staff of two cooks and 1 admin worker plus a team of volunteer drivers/deliverers who give up their time every week to ensure our clients get their meals delivered hot and on time. We regard our service as essential to the majority of our customers, many of whom have been isolating and look forward to seeing a friendly face with a lovely home cooked meal for them. As a small charity we run on very small margins and do rely on grants from organisations like Tickhill & District Lions, the donation we have from them this month will pay for our rent for the next three months, this makes a huge contribution to our regular outgoing and we are extremely grateful for their help.

FIREFLY (Chewie/Ian Bacchus) 07515 632897 Firefly is a Doncaster based Charity that takes cancer patients from the DN postcode to all the Sheffield Cancer treatment centres free of charge along with families and friends if required. We have a fleet of 10 vehicles that transports on average 60 – 80 patients per day and  travelling between 150 – 160 miles per day.

During COVID we have had to restrict numbers due to social distancing but have maintained to keep the service running thanks to all our volunteer drivers. Firefly is totally run on donations.