LCIF Update

We give about 95% of your donations to support local people and community groups, the other 5% goes to Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF).  It’s not a lot, but with 46,000 Lions clubs worldwide also contributing, a little can go a long way.

Just eight months after a large earthquake struck Croatia’s capital in March 2020, another more powerful quake shook the area, killing several people and injuring dozens more.  LCIF quickly responded with an emergency grant to local lions clubs so that they could help in their immediate areas.

As enormous challenges due to coronavirus persist, so too do natural disasters.  In the last year or so, LCIF has continued to support recovery efforts from natural disasters worldwide, providing emergency grant funding when and where it is needed e.g:-

Covid relief in India
Flood relief in India, Brazil, Italy and Sri Lanka
Tropical storm relief in Colombia
Typhoon relief in the Philippines
Earthquake relief in Greece

Your generous support helps us to not only support our community but to provide humanitarian support worldwide.  Thank you