Lion's Disabled Sports Day

Fun & Sports Day for Disabled People

Sandall Park, Doncaster, Saturday 6th August 2022  11.00am

FREE ENTRY - all ages welcome, medals and trophies to be won.

Lions clubs requiring pitches or space please contact Barry Goforth  

Competitors – whether it be a group from one specific organisation or individual families everyone is welcome to take part. The only stipulation is that anyone competing must have either a mental or physical impairment, however carers, family and friends are also welcome to come along and enjoy the day with them.

Every competitor receives a medal to take home and there is a trophy for the winner of each game.

Competitors also get a ticket for a FREE Hot Dog, Burger and an Ice Cream. Additional refreshments can be purchased at a nominal cost. Please note that carers, family and friends do not qualify for free refreshments but they are available for purchase throughout the day. Please note that our catering facilities are limited and therefore we cannot guarantee to cater for special dietary requirements, so please ensure competitors are aware of this so they can make their own arrangements if necessary.

All Registrations should go to Lion Jeannette

Lion Jeannette Morgan Castleford & Pontefract Lion Club
18 Nestfield Close,
Pontefract, WF8 1SD Email:

Other enquiries:

Lions Five-a-Side Football at The 40th Lions Fun & Sports Day for the Disabled

TitansFive-a-Side Football will be in conjunction with Doncaster Titans. Please contact us regarding your interest in being involved and perhaps entering a Five-a-Side Team. Although this letter is being sent out early, we need to know what interest will be generated and how many teams are willing to take part so that the organization of the football can take part.

We are aware teams will be planning their football year so now is the right time to put this Lions Fun & Sports Day on your calendar for your Five-a-Side Team to take part in. You can reserve a place NOW.

The Five-a-Side Teams can register up to 8 players of either all male or female or mixed, with an independent referee experienced in football for those with disabilities.

Doncaster Titans Graham Worrall

Email: Graham Worrall