Your Local Lions Club

Helping to Make a Difference in Bawtry, Bircotes, Harworth, Loversall, Rossington, Tickhill, Wadworth, Woodfield Plantation and Dominion.

Who we are:-

Charity Registration 1178985

Tickhill & District Lions Club (TA)

The Club was founded in 1978.  We are a group of volunteers, raising money and giving our time to help good causes across Bawtry, Bircotes, Harworth, Loversall, Rossington, Tickhill, Wadworth and the Woodfield Plantation Estate, Balby.  We also donate a small amount each year to national and to international good causes (see our Local, National and International pages).

All members pay a small annual fee and our President arranges an annual dinner.  These fees and the profit from the dinner cover our insurance and administration costs so that every penny you donate is donated back into the local community* with a small amount donated to national and international good causes.  

Any donations and payments received via our website and/or card reader will be subject to a fee deducted by the service provider.

Like to join?

Contact: Stuart Allen   07789 552058